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Cows, Fulani Herdsmen, Farms; What Is Going On in Nigeria Lends Weight To The Right To Bear Arms Arguments in the USA

Cows, Fulani Herdsmen, Farms; What Is Going On in Nigeria Lends Weight To The Right To Bear Arms Arguments in the USA

Posted by: News Report - Otukpo, Benue State
Tuesday, April 10th, 2018 - 10:39 am
The stories going around in Nigeria and on the social media are that herdsmen of Fulani origins are marauding around killing people who refuse to let their cattle graze on private lands. Gruesome images have been circulating on the Internet showing very explicit acts of deprivation of human life, like the terrorist beheadings that have been credited worldwide to terrorists. Every now and then, distinctive communities in Nigeria will suffer losses of lives attributed to the terroristic credit of the Fulani herdsmen of Nigeria.

The argument goes that in confrontation with farmers who are resisting an encroachment by cattle on their farms, the Fulani herdsmen will come in defense of their cattle, and will kill the farmers and sometimes attack their entire village. The herdsmen are also dangerously armed with AK 47 riffles, making it much more an uneven field for unarmed villagers to band together and defend themselves and their farmlands. It’s a big political burden for Nigeria’s president Mohamadu Buhari who is Fulani, and is viewed to be sympathetic to the herdsmen while irresponsive to the plights of farmers who are living in fear of their lives in their villages.

Real Roots International magazine has learned that the most recurring of these incidents happen in the middle belt of Nigeria in the region known today as Benue State, Taraba State and the surrounding areas. The people of this region represent a fair mix of all the Nigerian tribal groups. They are products of the mixing of Hausa and liberal Hausas with their southeastern neighbors sitting at the natural border boundary between northern and southern Nigeria.

An ex General of the Nigerian army has recently warned that in the face of brutal attacks such as the ones of the Fulani herdsmen, the Nigerian army is not impartial. Therefore, he asked that Nigerian citizens should be prepared to arm themselves and defend their lives. This justifies the claims by already armed groups in Nigeria, like the Niger Delta Avengers, that they are armed to defend their communities.

Villagers claim that in the effort to intimidate and show fear to farmers who stand up to say something when Fulani cattle damage and graze on their farmlands, herdsmen brutally kills and terrorizes villages. They rampage the villages until all the residents flee, and the herdsmen will occupy their choice of houses, until they run out of food in the house. Even when they leave they continue to come back and raid returned residents.

“When villagers want to file complaints, there are no government law enforcement posts nearby”, said a guide who was recalling the herdsmen incidents with Real Roots International magazine. “In some areas where they have police stations, the police officers are under armed and too afraid of the Fulani herdsmen”. Nigerians are now justifying their rights to bear arms in a country where the government cannot protect the lives of its citizens.

“We have begun to get weapons into our villages” said another resident of Benue State in Nigeria who identified herself as “Saba”. Some villages that have contacts with current and former military officers are procuring weapons, making them available to their youths, and sending them off into the bushes to await any further intrusions by Fulani herdsmen on their farmlands. “We fire shots in the air in the mornings, afternoons and evenings to warn any Fulani herdsmen lurking around that we are armed and ready for any intrusion”, Saba said.


Gaddafi’s Son To Run For President In Libya, And End Slave Migrant Terrors

Posted by: News Desk - Tripoli, Libya
Wednesday, December 20th, 2017 - 8:52 pm
Since the brutal overthrow and assassination of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in Libya in 2011, no one has been able to set up a united government in Libya and run the country like Gaddafi and his family did successfully for 42 years. Instead, what has been going on in Libya now is the worst anarchy and human rights terror in the history of the world, causing former American president Barrack Obama to declare that he regretted the role he played in the killing of Gaddafi and thousands of Libyans, which threw the oil rich African country into an international and humanitarian crisis.

Now, with no clear solution in sight, it seems that Libyans will turn once again to the family of Muammar Gaddafi, to unite Libyans like they did before, and bring back sanity and the rule of law to the country. One of Gaddafi’s surviving son, Saif Al-Gaddafi, also known as Saif Al-Islam, Gaddafi’s chosen heir to the throne, has announced that he will run for president in Libya’s elections in 2018 to achieve what NATO and UN puppet governments have been unable to accomplish in Libya since the brutal murdering of his father since 2011.

Saif Al-Islam will be remembered as one of the four sons of Colonel Gaddafi who were able to survive the brutal and deadly assault on the Gaddafi family. While trying to escape towards the end of the war against his family in Libya, Saif Al-Islam was betrayed by a guide he had hired to take him through the desert and cross the border from Libya’s southern desert, into neighboring Niger. Saif Al-Islam was captured by the Libyan militia in Zintan, paraded in humiliation in front of TV cameras for the whole world to see, and had some of his fingers cut off. In addition to being wanted by the International Criminal Court, Saif Al-Islam was tried in Libya and sentenced to death.

However, his death sentence was not carried out, and he remained a special prisoner of one of the three militias that have been competing to rule Libya for six years. Saif Al-Islam managed to make several deals with his captors, and with the aid of some foreign relationships he had forged while traveling the world as a spokesperson and good-will ambassador for his late father’s regime, the son of Gaddafi was set free from detention in 2016. His former captors said that they had set Saif Al-Islam free as part of a national amnesty widely declared for all prisoners in Libya. And immediately after the release, attorneys for the Gaddafi family began to argue that Saif Al-Islam would have a role to play in the national reconciliation of all the competing militias and people of Libya. With his whereabouts closely guarded in secrecy to prevent the likelihood that Saif Al-Islam might be abducted again and sent to the Hague to answer to an arrest warrant from the International Criminal Court, for crimes he was said to have committed during his father’s regime, a presidential ambition plot began to unfold.

According to international lawyers representing Saif Al-Islam, their client is the only Libyan most likely to be successful in forming a unified government in the country where others have failed to do so. Because he was so close to his late father and witnessed the intrigues that helped his father unite Libya, Saif Al-Islam is in the best position to appease all the opposing factions in Libya. It has been discovered that most of the lawless activities in the country are actually perpetuated by factions that still remain loyal to the late Muammar Gaddafi. These reneged loyalists are rendering the country ungovernable as a secret protest against outsiders that have come to take advantage of the power vacuum in Libya. The old Gaddafi loyalists will immediately and easily throw their support behind Saif Al-Islam, paving the way for a swift rebuilding of all Libyan institutions. This will automatically put a stop to the endless slave migrant crises in Libya, and the marauding smugglers and criminals that are making the governing of Libya from difficult to impossible now.

Saif Al-Islam has vehemently denied all the allegations of the international court, claiming that he was never a part of his father’s regime, and accusing the west of a plot to steal Libya’s oil and wealth by eliminating his father and the members of his family. The well trained and eloquent Saif Al-Islam argued that his father did what he had to do to reduce the vilification of his father’s regime in Libya by the west, led by the British, France and America. He declared that Libya was not guilty of the many accusations made against them during his father’s regime, but only wanted to pay compensations, play by the rules of the west, to normalize relations with them. But it was now clear that the west were all along planning to bring his father down, and squander the riches and natural resources of the Libyan people.

It is not clear now if the same western governments will allow Saif Al-Islam to run in the Libyan presidential elections in 2018; and if he does run and wins, what kind of relationship he will have with the west. What is known from interviews that Saif Al-Islam has given to several western journalists is that he was naïve before in dealing with the west, but he is not naïve anymore. He maintained that if his father had followed the path that the west was denouncing him for, to remain strong, independent and well armed like Iran and North Korea, the story would not have been what it is now against his father in Libya.



Biafra, Catalonia, Kurdistan – No Easy Road For Separatists

Posted by: News Desk - Lagos, Nigeria
Posted on: Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017 - 4:19 am

If you thought that your country stands alone fighting against being torn apart by separatists, or that your people are alone, fighting for freedom from your oppressive country, do not feel that way any more. There are more than a dozen countries around the world where citizens are fighting to break away from the yoke of very oppressive governments. Some of these freedom fighters have been successfully suppressed from their agitations, some are getting ready to take courage and rise against their governments, and others, at this moment are fighting it out loud, hoping that the rest of the world will hear about them and come to their rescue. The latter is the situation with Biafra, Catalonia, and Kurdistan, three separatist group of people who have been pounding their drums of separatism loud and clear within these recent weeks.

As much as the members of the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) would like to dominate the fight with their resistance in Nigeria, the Separatists in Catalonia and Kurdistan have so far boldly taken a giant lead with referendums and elections in their regions, and a bold rebuke from their parent governments.

The most recent vote for independence in Catalonia has shown the world the extent that governments are willing to go, to suppress attempts to disrupt the fragile unity of a disunited group of people. The country of Spain employed tactics not very popular in Europe or so called civilized countries to disrupt the plans of Catalonia to break away from Spain. The government of Spain dispatched their police and security operatives to brutalize Catalonians, shooting at them with rubber bullets and occupying their public places in order to prevent them from bringing to reality, their desire to be independent from Spain. This has no doubt shaken up the government of Catalonia, but seems to have emboldened them the more. The world now ponders the consequences against Catalonia to dare to declare their independence unilaterally from Spain soon, with ninety percent of their people supporting the move, according their recent election. The central government in Spain has of course, vowed to never allow that, especially since Catalonia is the richest region in Spain.

The agitation is tense also in Iraq. The Kurds, after clamoring for so many years for their own Kurdish nation of Kurdistan, went to the polls and unanimously voted for independence from Iraq. In return, Iraq has closed all the airports in the Kurdish region, and has maneuvered to take control of all the borders that the Kurds had been controlling under a limited autonomy contingency. To make matters worse, Iran and Turkey have declared their support for Iran because they fear that if the Kurds in Iraq succeed to break away, that will set a bad precedence to the Kurds in Iran and Turkey. Obviously, the countries of Iran, Iraq, and Turkey are in no mood to let go of their Kurdish citizens even though the Kurds want to be independent to control the vast wealth from their region, which currently benefits them very little.

So, if you live in Nigeria, it should be of no surprise to you to see what the Nigerian government is going through to suppress the agitation for the independence of Biafra by the Independent People Of Biafra (IPOB). Currently, this organization championing the freedom for Biafra has been declared a terrorist organization by Nigeria’s government. Nigeria has sent her military into the territories of the Biafran separatists, clashing with the agitators. The Biafran agitators have accused the Nigerian government of killing several members of their organization, attacking the home of their leader, and causing him to disappear.


TERRORRISM IN EUROPE: Gadhafi Factor European Governments Are Hiding

Posted by: News Desk - Washington DC
Posted on: Monday, August 28th, 2017 - 6:55 pm

Before 2011, European cities had relatively began to enjoy some peace and quiet from terrorist activities in their countries except for a few occasional “home-bread” public disturbances from nationalists, separatists, left wing organizations, or natural disasters. There were suicide bombings in Spain in 2004, and in London in 2005, however, European security agencies had been able to monitor and deflate emerging threats with specific targeting of a few likely hostile states that were widely known to promote fear and instability in Europe.

As far back as 1867 when Europe began to notice and monitor terrorist acts and threats on it’s territories, the citizenry were less frequently alarmed that an act of terror was going to strike closer to their homes and places of leisure, like it’s happening now.

Between 1903 and 1971, there were reports of terrorism that were more or less negligible, or nothing that many common people feared that it would happen to them. There was a spike in the 70’s, with a controllable increase in the 80’s and 90’s, until 2001 when 9/11 in the USA awoke the entire world to the unmistaken reality of terrorism around the world. Spain took the next deadly hit after 9/11, forcing Europe to form relationships with even radical countries in a global alliance against terrorism. Libya was one of these renegade countries under the late Colonel Muammar Gadhafi, with the English and French leaders of that time, successfully bringing Gadhafi to be on their sides in an effort to stem and control the emerging trend of terrorism.

Gadhafi was happy to feel needed, and he undoubtedly helped Europe to monitor and guard the territories around Libya where his European neighbors were feeling vulnerable. The result had been that very few catastrophic activities filtered through Libya and the Mediterranean Sea, to affect Europe. Gadhafi stopped patronizing with terrorists, hosting the heads of state of the United Kingdom and France, making the Europeans feel like terrorism was becoming a thing of the past, and Gaddafi himself to feel that he was stepping into a friendly league of nations of the world in alliance with the west.

And then came 2011 when France, UK, and the USA under President Obama and Hillary Clinton decided to invade Libya. People blame former president Bush for invading Iraq under the pretext of searching for weapons of mass destruction. Well, Obama and his NATO allies invaded Libya under the pretext that Libyan citizens were being massacred in Benghazi. It is now known that it was all made up, and even Obama himself has expressed some remorse about the roles his government played in Libya.

During desperate telephone calls with former Prime Minister Tony Blair of the UK, with Gadhafi before Libya’s invasion, Gadhafi dismissed the pretext that people were being massacred in Benghazi. On the contrary, people were agitating to oust Gadhafi himself out of power. But who were these people? A multi billion dollars question.

These people were people whom intelligence agencies in the UK and France had trained and deployed to stir trouble in Libya. When Gadhafi was desperately telephoning Tony Blair under the illusion that he was a friend that could help save his government, little did Gadhafi know that his so called friend was in league with the people who had been sent to overthrow and kill Gaddafi. The rest is history. NATO bombed and chased out Gadhafi, so that his enemies could catch up with him, humiliate him, and kill him publicly in a brutal manner that was televised for the whole world to see.

But Gaddafi was sure and prophetic that revenge will come against his killing by people he had believed were his friends and brother; People with whom he had been cooperating with to stem terrorism worldwide.

In one of those phone conversations, Gadhafi had warned Tony Blair that if his regime in Libya failed, terrorists and disasters will swarm Europe through the Mediterranean, and no one will be able to stop them. It was not so much that those events will unravel by themselves, but because Gaddafi knew that if he became a victim to powers that are bigger than him, his case will be avenged by circumstances that only himself had been able to prevent by being in power as the strongman of Libya. Because during Gadhafi’s regime, no terrorists had dared to lurk around Libya without his consent, and no immigrants were allowed to cross the Sahara desert and board dingy boats enroute to European countries.

But watch now, what are we seeing these days since 2011 after Gadhafi was killed? There is an increase in terrorist attacks in Spain, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands and other parts of Eastern Europe. The situation is getting so risky and unpredictable that European citizens and visitors are now full of fear, not knowing where the next act of terrorism will strike, or when. According to security experts, there is no end or solution in sight, because it is now an acceptable phenomenon, that Europe will continue to experience one form of terrorism or another, for the next foreseeable decades. All of these, because the United Kingdom, France and the USA under NATO, miscalculated, and underestimated the importance of Colonel Muammar Gadhafi in his capability to help prevent threats to Europe through the Mediterranean.

With Gadhafi gone now, his weapons, money and influence have filtered away to support terrorists and rogue governments around the world. Europe and Africa have suffered a lot more from this burden, but especially Europe where the terrorists whom European intelligence agencies had trained to oust Gadhafi, are now coming back to European soils to inflict terror against innocent citizens. All the European governments want you to see and blame are IS, ISIS or Al Qaeda, and none of them want to remember the Gadhafi factor, or the roles they have played themselves in breeding the terror that now threatens chaos right in their cities and capitals.

Picture Credit: Andrey Stenin/Sputnik


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Cows, Fulani Herdsmen, Farms; What Is Going On in Nigeria Lends Weight To The Right To Bear Arms Arguments in the USA

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