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Understanding The “Rastafari” Concept For Beginners

Posted by: Wisdom O. Ogbor - Kingston, Jamaica
Thursday, December 28th, 2017 - 1:42 am
In the world we are living in today, it will not be incorrect to say that religion is causing far more troubles for people as opposed to solving the troubles. It must have been the intention of the ancients who envisioned religion, to use it as a balance or focus for the human entity during their sojourn in the world until death. But it has not proven to be that simple through history. Instead, history has taught us about persecutions and deceits based on the beliefs of people and their gods. People have preyed on some particular kinds of the population, using their ignorance as an excuse to lord over them, and use them for all kinds of benefits for only the ones who are wiser. That was why Jesus Christ appeared in the world, to be on the side of the oppressed, the innocent, the helpless, and those ones that the so-called wise ones have taken advantage of from time without end.

One would have thought that with Christ, there would have been an end to the oppressions, deceits, and wistful uses of the weak for the benefit of the strong; and the innocent for the service of the wise, the rich and the powerful. Instead, a plot was devised where Jesus Christ was killed to deny the suffering and oppressed masses the opportunity that they may become wiser and rebellious against the people who are taking advantage of them. Those same people who had killed Jesus Christ, now held out their hands and presented books which they claimed were the doctrines of Jesus Christ, enticing the bereaved people of Christ into Cathedrals they had built, claiming that Christ resided there, and now pretending to be championing the cause of the one they had killed. For the love of Christ, people massed themselves into these cathedrals but when some of them began to notice that the cathedrals were not really functioning, as Christ had been known to function, it was too late. People had been made compulsory “Christians” and the dissenting ones were now scorned because they dared to question and doubt that the new way was not really the way of the old and beloved Jesus Christ.

For the dissenters, their options were exercised to withdraw and try to forge another new way, but more often than not, they too would loose the way in the confusion and corruption of leadership. Most, like the historic pilgrims, left their beloved England and formed other countries like the United States of America, where unfortunately they failed to replicate the true ways of Jesus Christ, which had obliged them to flee. In essence, it began to look like whichever group that exercised their intention to follow the true way of Jesus Christ, always fell short in one way or another. The new Americans became entangled in a massive war and eradication of the original Americans, and they ventured into slavery with their humankinds who were brought from Africa. Out rightly, un-Christly. Those ones, who had gone to Africa in their adventure, looted and plundered the resources of the African people while tricking them against each other in a bid to escalate the slave trade and enhance more plundering. Over a period of more than four hundred years, it could not be hidden any more that the acts of slavery, and looting, and the wanton killings and deceits against innocent people, were really not Christ-like. That brought about the end of slavery, and much later, the independence of African people, who were now classed and divided for what was to follow.

With independence came the second phase of slavery. These foreigners who had killed Jesus Christ, enslaved and killed many people all over the world, now re-enforced religion with a bible, teaching all who love Jesus Christ, how to follow religion without questioning. Using certain aspects of the bible, the second phase of slavery was now legal. They built more churches, supported by governments, and subdued the minds of Africans through education, which had some good and many bad effects. The bad effects came through producing leaders who were brainwashed to turn blind eyes while their culture and resources were sacked. These leaders became instrumental in further destructions and corruptions of all the prospective ways that their citizens would have had to become wiser and demand equal footings and treatments like Jesus Christ made sure to give to all his people. But the good things that happened, turned out to be that some of the Africans who had learned to read and write, were now able to spot the hypocrisies around them. From these group of Africans came the ones who have become known today as Rastas.

Rastas were able to see that a religion was all about those who created it, and what they wanted it to be. Everyone used any portion of the bible to justify anything they did even if it was good or bad. The churches wanted people to be on guard always, watching and praying until the return of Jesus Christ. And meanwhile, as everyone waited for Christ to come again, churchgoers surrendered themselves, their spirits, and their power to the church. Many would not, or did not know how to live their lives without direction from their church and church leaders. At the same time, governments were counting on churches to keep everyone subdued while they ruled with impunity with certain groups in the society who were not restrained by religious rules, human respect, and morality.

To break this cycle, the Rastaman says that Jesus Christ has returned. He, who was killed and ascended unto heaven on the third day, and had given power to all who believe in him, to do as he had done, casting out demons, healing the sick and even raising the dead, has returned. So, by waiting no more, those who believe, may now start living instead of waiting. That kingdom, which Christ said he had gone to prepare, is now here. If you start taking advantaging of it, you will have no need for another leader. There will be no more room for slavery, corruption and cheating. The fight of good over evil is over, and good has won. And for those who have been thinking that Jesus Christ will come back for the rich and the ruling class, they will be disappointed. This Christ that has returned, has come back through a King in Africa whose people had never been colonized in those wicked years of colonization. This king was Emperor Haile Selassie I, and his followers who were able to become conscious of this, are the most oppressed of the Africans whom had become lost, because everything designed for them had been to keep them in bondage and in slavery, from birth till they die. So, with the return of this Christ in his kingly character, these oppressed people will begin to live in freedom, and become free from all bondage.



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“Stop Sending Me Religious Messages…” President Buhari’s Media Aid Asks her Facebook contacts.

Posted by: Styles Desk - Abuja, Nigeria
Posted on: Monday, August 28th, 2017 - 7:05 pm

Nigeria is a country consumed in a radical religious movement in these decades. Apart from several churches scattered in every nook and corner on the streets in the country, nowhere else does this show as much more than on social media where Nigerian Christian zealots constantly send and resend religious messages and prayers to their contacts on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter, as it seems like they have nothing else to share.

The messages are usually copied and passed along with images that are spiritually scary, like disasters, misfortunes, or pleasing images like money affluence and wealth. Then a message is usually attached to these images to evoke whatever the sender is intending to make the receiver feel.

Some messages decree that if you type “YES”, or say “AMEN”, you will possess the beautiful house or a sack full of money pictured with the message; or that you will not perish in a disaster like a ghastly motor accident where so many victims are pictured dead in an accompanying picture. Some send you pictures of their spiritual mentors and selected prayers from these enigmatic religious leaders, who are more worshiped that the almighty lord Jesus Christ. In fact, it seems that many Nigerians on social media have nothing else to share, but these religious messages in their social media presence on Facebook, Whatsapp, or Twitter.

It has been noticed that some Nigerian users of the various social media platforms have begun to complain against these practices, especially as the posts clutter their pages, or they are expected to reply to these posts or become branded as unchristian, or downright lacking in spirituality.

Mrs. Lauretta Onochie, a special adviser on social media issues to Nigerian president Muhamadu Buhari, has reacted recently on her Facebook page against these practices. “Stop Sending Me Religious Messages…”, She posted on her Facebook page, “I’m In Good Terms with God”.

According to Mrs. Onochie, it was not necessary that some of her contacts keep sending her posts of messages to her from God, because she was in good terms with God as her father, and was quite capable of receiving any messages meant for her, directly from God. As such, she did not want to be considered unreligious, or unsympathetic to some of those contacts that get angry at her when she does not respond to their posts.

Below is an excerpt of the plea posted by Mrs. Onochie on her Facebook page: “I wake up in the morning and my inbox, WhatsApp, DM, are full of what God Almighty has told others to tell me. And if I don't respond, then I'm not a Christian and then you get upset. Here's the truth: God is my father, so why does He need you to receive messages and blessings from Him to pass on to me?”

In conclusion, Mrs. Onochie’s post read, “God is my Father and we are in very good talking terms. If He has any message for me, He will tell me… …Stay out of my relationship with my Father. Period.“

Mrs. Onochie has a highly celebrated presence on social media, where she uses her celebrity to promote the policies of the present Nigerian government of former army General, Muhamadu Buhari. She has recently led a very powerful and successful media campaign where she defended the absence of Nigeria’s president from office for several months as he received treatment for an undisclosed illness in London, until his return recently to Nigeria.



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Understanding The “Rastafari” Concept For Beginners

Posted by: Wisdom O. Ogbor - Kingston, Jamaica
Thursday, December 28th, 2017 - 1:42 am
In the world we are living in today, it will not be incorrect to say that religion is causing far more troubles for people as opposed to solving the troubles. It must have been the intention of the an

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